This volume is a collection of my early street photo work that spans over a period of four years from 2016 to 2019. I was still discovering photography in both black and white and in color. This is obvious from the images you see. I switch between B&W and color rather causally without any purpose or consistency in my approach. I see beauty in the simplicity of monochrome in some cases but somehow I find the dimension of color complete the photograph in other situations. My approach is to try to tell a story with each individual photograph. My favourite places in Singapore are around Marina Bay, the Bugis area, and the streets along Middle Road. I usually would walk aimlessly and observe the people around me and sometimes, if luck would have it, an imaginary storyline would form in my head as someone or something caught my eye. This leads me to hold my camera up and take the shot. I usually take only one shot at a time. This Volume showcase the experiment and approach that I have laid out. I am fascinated that, while out doing my photo walk, I am unable to control or discover these interesting moments. They seem to appear when I least expected it. It is this mystery and challenge of looking for the moment that makes street photography such an interesting and exciting art to explore and study.
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